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We thank you for visiting the Bijouterie Lavigueur website. We want your experience on our virtual jewelry store to be very pleasant and it is for this reason that we invite you to consult the attached section.

Terms of use
By using this website, you hereby accept the rules and conditions of use including the headings "collection and use of information", "delivery policy" and the "refund policy".
Please note that Bijouterie Lavigueur Ltée will update this page to adapt our policies and services to the new features, events and offers available in our branches and on our website. Please consult this section each time you browse this website. Your usage of this website confirms that you agree with these Terms and that you are required to act in accordance therewith.

Ownership and operation
This website is wholly owned by Bijouterie Lavigueur Ltée, which has jurisdiction over the provincial laws of Quebec and whose main office is located in St-Hubert, Quebec.

Limitation of liability
Bijouterie Lavigueur Ltée works exceptionally hard to avoid any discrepancies between the prices displayed in stores and those posted on the internet. In case of an error, please note Bijouterie Lavigueur (https://lavigueur.com/en) offers no guarantee as to the accuracy of information or prices on this site. Bijouterie Lavigueur Ltée cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages and in particular for any material damage, loss of data or financial losses resulting from access to this site or its use. The content of this site is offered ONLY in a consultation purpose.

Privacy Statement

Creating a customer account
When you purchase an item, you will have the option to create an account that will use your email address as an identifier. The creation of an account with Bijouterie Lavigueur Ltée will allow you to trace your purchase history, to benefit from additional promotions or discounts on future purchases, to pay more quickly. At any time you can change the information in your account.

Please note that the creation of a customer account is not mandatory for the purchase of a jewel and the level of security will not be affected in any case. If you only browse the site, no personal information will be required.

Information obtained from visitors
The information you share is very important to you and we are aware of that. That's why we are committed to preserving and protecting it with the latest technology. The information collected is used solely to make our website more pleasant, better adapted and to make personalized promotional offers. If your visit is only of exploratory nature, we do not need any information from you.

Protection of information
General information or global statistics are occasionally shared with the partners of Bijouterie Lavigueur to make promotions and special events. Never will Bijouterie Lavigueur provide information that would identify you personally. The information we could share would be based on a multitude of general statistics about buying habits, traffic, site demographics, user movement, buying habits, and so on. Your order information such as your billing and shipping address, your credit card information, and email address are used solely for the processing of your order. NEVER WILL THIS INFORMATION BE SHARED.
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When you make a purchase or when you sign up from the homepage, you will be added to our newsletter list. At any time you have the option to unsubscribe. These newsletters are intended to provide you with promotions, new items in the inventory, Bijouterie Lavigueur news and jewelry columns.

All electronic shipments related to the confirmation of purchase, sending of merchandise, promotional offer will reach you from the domain of Bijouterie Lavigueur Ltée and no other.

For any question regarding our method of collecting information or the use we make of it please contact us at info@lavigueur.com.

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