Jewelry Appraisal

Since 1962, each of our Bijouterie Lavigueur shas offered a jewelry appraisal service. Why jewelry appraisal is important? It's about avoiding a lot of trouble and providing peace of mind. If you want to know the current market value of your jewelry, the only way is to have your jewelry appraised so you can make sure that your insurance covers your belongings sufficiently in the event of theft or loss.

How to have your jewelry appraised?

Our experts will carefully write an appraisal certificate for your jewelry. Our certificate of assessment details all the characteristics (the type of stones, their quality, and weight, gold purity, etc.) as well as the market value of your jewelry. With an appraisal certificate made by our experts, your insurance claim will be processed quickly. Normally, our certified document is recognized by all insurance companies.

The jewelry appraisal report can also be useful for an estate. As you know, family succession is not a simple task. Among the goods in an estate, jewelry certainly has the greatest sentimental value. So having their jewelry appraised is a great way to identify valuable pieces and those that don't. In other words, knowing the market value of the inheritance allows a fair division between the heirs, and of course, to avoid family quarrels.

Also, if you already have an appraisal certificate of your jewelry, it may no longer be "valid" in terms of market value. You should know that jewelry can acquire or lose value depending on their age depending on several factors. Also, since the price of gold and gemstones is constantly changing, it is more beneficial for you to get a new certificate of appraisal for your jewelry.

For jewelry sold at Bijouterie Lavigueur, the certificate fee is free from $495 of purchase. For jewelry to be evaluated by independent gemologists, we charge $120 per piece of jewelry. Note that this evaluation fee is sometimes reimbursed depending on the insurance company. For more details, it is advisable to make an appointment with our in-store associates.

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