Ear piercing

We offer ear piercing for children and adults through our branches. Our in-store associates are properly trained to ensure safe piercing. Safety and sterilization are our top priority. Due to the widespread of Covid-19, this service is temporarily suspended.

Safe and painless

The minimum age requirement for babies is 3 months and we check the lobes to make sure everything is correct. We ask that you apply EMLA * Anesthetic Cream in the piercing area on your ears to reduce pain. It takes between 45 and 90 minutes for the cream to work, before going to the store, to have your ears pierced.

We use the Studex piercing system, which is the world leader in ear piercing. It is a safe, sterile, and fast system. The piercing carried out with this system is not very painful and very hygienic. The piercing loops, which are used to pierce the ear, are packaged in an individual sterile and sealed case. In a single operation, the ear is pierced, the buckle is applied and the stroller is attached to the back simultaneously. Our device is sterilized after each operation.

We offer a large selection of piercing earrings according to the month of birth. To ensure optimum quality, the piercing loops should remain in the ear for at least 3 months before changing to other ones. Please call us to make an appointment.

* This cream is available in pharmacy stores. When applying the anesthetic cream, make sure the area to be pierced is clean and dry. This product should not be applied to skin injured by a cut or scrape. So read the instructions carefully!

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