Watch Battery Replacement

Does your watch battery need to be changed? We offer battery replacement service for most brands of watches. Unlike mechanical watches which operate autonomously (manual or automatic winding depending on the model), Quartz watches incorporate a battery that activates the clockwork mechanism.

Why change your watch battery?

You should be aware that after a certain time, the battery of your watch may leak a corrosive substance which can damage the watch mechanism irreversibly. A standard watch battery will last an average of 12 to 18 months. The battery change should usually be carried out every 18 months (unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer).

Our in-store associates can replace carefully your watch battery. We carry out this operation on-site and select quality components at the best price. Please note that a battery installed in a jewelry store will last longer because, on the one hand, the replacement is carried out correctly and on the other hand, due to the quality of the battery.

We do not recommend that you change the battery on your own as the risk of damaging the movement is very high. While we take care of your watch, you will also have the pleasure of contemplating our jewelry from one stand to another. If you require any information, feel free to contact us regarding a particular watch model.

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