Ultrasonic cleaning

Come in our stores and have your jewelry cleaned! Fast and efficient, our ultrasonic cleaning service is free of charge. It happens that you decide to keep your jewelry in the draw because of its tarnishing aspect. Dirt is often present in the small area of a jewelry. So, it is not easy to remove them on your own.

How to use this service?

Whether it is a ring, chain, bracelet or earring, the ultrasonic cleaning will not damage your precious metal. Our ultrasonic cleaner gently removes grease, dirt, and fingerprints from your jewelry. By deep cleaning in the most difficult areas, your jewelry will return perfectly to its original look.

Note that most of jewelry can be treated with ultrasonic cleaning. Precious metals (gold, silver, vermeil, etc.) and stainless-steel jewellery are those with which we will obtain the best results. Otherwise, ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended for certain metals and for jewelry that is set with precious and semi-precious stones. It is therefore important to consult our sale associates in store before proceeding with the ultrasonic cleaning.

Here are exceptions of jewelry that should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic machine:

-Oxidized silver jewelry: it is reserved to silver jewelry that has been intentionally oxidized to obtain patterns in black.
-Leather: a jewel made of leather or contains leather.
-Titanium: this is a rare metal we can make jewelry. Contact with hard surface of the ultrasonic cleaner may deform or damage jewelry made of titanium.
-Gemstones setting on jewelry: Even though many gemstones are extremely hard (such as diamond), it is not recommended to use ultrasonic cleaning. The vibration generated by an ultrasonic machine may dislodge your gemstones from their setting prongs or damage their belts. Even the hardest stones which may have been treated to erase structural problems or to improve their color, could be also damaged. In addition, cracked gemstones which have been filled in with oils, resins or other glass-like materials could be broken. Here are stones to avoid from ultrasonic cleaning: pearls, emerald, coral, amber, jade, lapis lazuli, opals, turquoise, onyx, tanzanite, feldspar (sunstone and moonstone), fluorite, iolite, kunzite, malachite, topaz, zircon and others.

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